Our Best Selling Table in a Grand Designs Home!

Our latest installation was at a Grand Designs style home in Bath, England. When we heard that the 7′ Pool Table was to go in a hallway it did cross our minds that space might an issue. Once we arrived to install the table, we realised that it was made to measure!
The Pool Dining Table was supplied with a Table Tennis Top, so the table could be used as a Console Table, Pool Table or Table Tennis. This turned a relatively dead space into a great games rooms.

The images below show the Pool Diner (http://luxus-billardtische.de/pool-dining-tables) setup as an English Pool Table, Dining Table and a Full Size Table Tennis Table. This model can be customised in a dozen different colour shades of Solid Oak, with 25 different colours of cloth, 20 different leg styles and much more to create your own design!