A colour combination to suit all tastes

With 25 cloth colours and 15 wood colours to choose from you have 375 different colour combinations that you could choose from. We are often asked our opinion as to which colour schemes work best, however this is a very difficult question to answer. We regularly make custom pool tables which on paper sound questionable as to the colour choices, however every time we are pleasantly surprised and the finished product looks great, and perfectly matches the environment that it live in

We recently did an install in Switzerland of our best selling Rustic Pool Table with a colour 3 wood and a Fuchsia cloth, which as always looked great.

If you are interested in buying a bespoke pool table, please contact us and we will happily send you some colour samples so that you can find a combination that works perfectly for your room.

You can call us on 01865 582458, or alternatively e-mail.

We will look forward to hearing from you!