What makes our tables, Luxury Pool Tables?

What makes our tables luxurious?

All of our frames are built from solid wood, not MDF. We offer the choice of Solid Birch, Solid Ash or Solid Oak. All of theses woods are recognized as hard woods, but Ash is harder than Birch and Oak is stronger than both Birch and Ash.
Our recommended wood is Ash because this gives a good balance between quality and price, however all three wood types are very high quality.
The wooden frame can be finished in several colours, so please see the colour chart on our table pages.

Playing bed:
All of the playing surfaces of our tables are made from high quality slates from either Italy or Brazil. We do not use cheap Chinese slates because the trueness of the table bed is so important. Slate is by nature a fragile material so the quality is important to ensure safe transit.

The quality of the cloth is also an important factor when choosing a Pool or Snooker table. We only use the top cloth manufactures including Simonis, Hainsworth and Strachan. Among these manufactures there are dozens of colour cloths you can choose from. a high quality cloth will look nicer, play better and last longer than cheap ones.

We understand that everyone’s taste in billiard tables is different and we offer tables to suit every person. We supply Modern, Contemporary,  Traditional and Rustic tables, but again if you can not find what you are looking for on our website please contact us, because we have access to every type of table or alternatively we can build one to your requirements.