Our Luxury Pool Table Ranges

Here at Luxury Pool Tables we believe we have a stunning range of Pool Tables which can suit anyone’s needs.

We have 6 different Pool Table ranges; Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic, Outdoor and Professional.

In this blog we will describe each table and some of the custom options available in each range and hopefully help you pick your perfect Pool or Snooker Table!

If you are interested in a particular range of table please see the appropriate web page for more in depth details and for most models a table building program in which you can mock up your chosen table to get a rough visual of what it would look like.

With all of our tables you can choose from a large collection of different cloth colours, we offer Hainsworth cloth which we recommend to use with an English Pool Table and Snooker and Simonis cloth which we recommend to use with an American Pool Table or Russian Pyramid table. If you would like your own custom printed bespoke cloth we can do this for you as well. All of our tables come with a high quality Brazilian slate and are all made from a solid wood* of your choice between Birch, Ash or Oak in a complete array of colour finishes.

Modern Pool Table


Our Modern Pool table is one of our most popular ranges, the Modern Pool Table is available in any size from 5′ to 9′ (9′ table has 6 legs). It is recommended to have 6′ or 7′ for English Pool and 8′ or 9′ for American Pool. There are several ways in which you can customise this table which are detailed below.

This table also has the option to be a Pool Dining Table with the optional Dining Top which also comes with a mechanism to store the top under the table when playing Pool.

The Modern Pool Table has 4 different top frame options which you can pick from and has 20 different leg options which include 2 LED leg options (Leg’s 18 and 20), so even though this range of tables is called the Modern range, you can still make your table have a classic traditional feel to it.


When a ball is pocketed on a Modern Pool Table the ball can be collected in one of the two drawers either side of the table. This drawer can be either be smooth without a button like in the table above or can come with a button like shown in the table below.



As with all our Pool Dining Tables we offer furniture which brilliantly complement our Pool Tables, the legs of our benches can be made to match your Pool Table wood finish and we have a different array of faux leather cushion colour options.

Contemporary Pool Table


Our Contemporary Pool Table is designed to be as sleek and clean as possible, it is available in either 6′, 7′ or 8′ and like our Modern range this table can also be used as a Pool Dining Table.

The Contemporary Pool Table has 5 different leg options, of which two are LED legs (leg’s 4 & 5). This range of table has two different ball collection systems, you can choose either an elastic pocket system in which the ball remain in the pockets after being pocketed or you can have a ball return system in which the balls travel down rails under the table into two trays in the middle of the table (the ball return system is not available on our 6′ table)

This table can also come with an optional rise and fall system which takes the table from a standard dining height to standard pool playing height (6.5cm movement).



Outdoor Pool Table


Our final Pool Dining table option is our Outdoor Pool Table, it is based on our Contemporary Pool Table, but due to the table being made to withstand outdoor conditions the customisation is limited, you can pick from 3 different wood colour options and from a selection of cloth colours.

(Outdoor Wood Options)

A dining top is included as standard because even if you don’t intend to use the Pool Table as a dining table, you require a dining top to stop water pooling in the middle of the waterproof cover (also included).

The table has been constructed especially to be resistant to outdoor weather conditions. We recommend our UV resistant Simonis 760 cloth. It does not absorb water, which makes it possible for use in rain and snow. (only Petroleum Blue colour, so the other recommended option is the Strachan Superpro with SpillGuard)




Rustic Pool Table


Our Rustic Pool Table is available in any size from 5′ to 12′ and any game type, including English Pool, American Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid and Carom. There are several ways in which you can customise this table which are detailed below.

This range of table is available in either Soft or Ash wood and lots of different colour finishes. You can also alter which type of pocket you would like with this table, which can range from plain dark pockets to light laced pockets.



(Rustic Table Pocket Options)

Traditional Pool Table


Our Traditional Pool Table can be made to be a really classy and stylish table.

This table is also available in any size and any game type and like all our indoor Pool Tables this table is available in Birch, Ash and Oak wood with plenty of different colour finishes.

On this table there are 5 different top and bottom frame designs which you can pick from and a large number of different pocket options which are available. You can also choose from a number of different pocket options.

This table has over 15 leg designs to choose from which vary from plain straight legs to some truly unique designs.


Professional Pool Table


Our final available range is our Professional Pool Table. This table is only available in either 8′ and 9′ and can only be used to play American Pool.

Although all of our Pool Tables are of the highest quality, this is our only table which meets ALL of the EPBF (European Pocket Billiard Federation) regulations and is one of only a few tables in the world to be certified by them.

This table customisation is more limited to help it meet these regulations but you are able to pick from two bottom frames and it has a few different pocket options you can pick from which include nickel, matt, or a high gloss finish.

There are 4 different colour frames available with this table which are a natural or black matt finish or you can have a gloss finish which can be either black or white.



We hope this blog has helped show you some of the different options available with our ranges of Pool & Snooker tables and hopefully helped you decide on your ideal table!

If you have any further questions on our ranges of Pool Tables or anything else regarding our products, please give us a call (01865 582458) or drop us an e-mail ([email protected]).

(*Apart from our Professional Pool Table)