There are two main game types that can be played on any of our Pool Tables. These include the more traditional 8 Ball Pool and also 9 Ball.

9 Ball

In 9 ball, you only use the “spots and stripes” balls numbered 1 to 9 which are racked in a diamond shape.

One player breaks having to hit the number 1 ball first (the 9 ball is racked in the centre). You then continue to play until you fail to pot a ball, always hitting the lowest numbered ball on the table first, however potting any ball to continue your break. The winner is simply the 1st person to pot the 9 Ball off a legal shot.



Diamonds are available to fit both the American and English size pool balls and can be found on our accessories page.

For further information on either of these games please email us at [email protected] or telephone us on +44 (0)1865 582458.