Table Tennis Tops for Pool Tables.

We are often asked what is the difference between our table tennis tops and those of other suppliers. The main difference is firstly that we supply two different sizes, 224cm x 122cm for 5′ and 6′ tables and 276cm x 153cm (full size) for 7′ and 8′ tables. This is due to a full sized table tennis top on a 5′ or 6′ table would not be secure. A 9′ Pool Table is bigger than a table tennis table, therefore it wouldn’t fit

Secondly our tables tennis tops come with blocks on the underneath which are positioned to fit just inside the pool cushions to stop the top moving in the case that it is bumped.

Finally the nets that we provide are the best made and most simple to attach and remove thanks the unique design (see images).

To buy one of these tops (retail at £250 for both sizes) please contact us!